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Director of Philanthropy

Company: SAFE, Inc.
Date Posted: June 6, 2017

Job Title:  Director of Philanthropy

Reports to: Executive Director                            

FLSA: Salaried Exempt                           

Employment StatusFull-time

Compensation:  Range of $53,000 - $57,000 annually with excellent benefits

Note:  Preference for someone living in or willing to move to Brevard or Transylvania County, but other arrangements may be negotiable

Application Due Date: Application accepted through June 23, 2017.  Mail cover letter, resume’ and 3 references to:  SAFE, Inc. of Transylvania County, P.O. Box 2013, Brevard, NC  28712, Attn:  Salley M. Stepp, Executive Director

General Summary: 

The Director of Philanthropy position is created to serve as ambassador of SAFE, Inc. of Transylvania County in the community, to raise funds and awareness in support of clients served.  The successful candidate will demonstrate a commitment to, and be able to articulate, the mission, outreach and successes of all of the various programs provided by SAFE.  

The Director of Philanthropy shall develop and implement fundraising and marketing plans, plan and coordinate community outreach, and work to continually strengthen the financial capacity and reputation of the organization. 

Principal Duties and Responsibilities


  1. Shall implement the fund development strategies and report back to the Fund Development Committee on the progress of those strategies.
  2. Fund development shall be done in support of the agency’s approved budget and projects.  All funds raised above the approved budget will be placed in the SAFE reserved account for the Finance Committee to make recommendations to the full Board of Directors for their use.
  3. Working with the Fund Development Committee of the SAFE Board of Directors, shall develop fund development strategies for sustaining current funds and creating new funds for the agency.
  4. The employee is charged with developing new donors and funders (grants) at all levels of giving.
  5. The employee shall provide information to the Fund Development Committee for the purpose of evaluation and review.
  6. The employee shall execute, oversee and coordinate ongoing and special fundraising events, and ensures the success of the events and positive donor relations.
  7. Develop an annual communication flow, integrated and directed to target audiences with the appropriate community delivery media.  This communication flow will support a fundraising plan that is guided by monthly goals and objectives; reports and dashboards will be analyzed monthly to gauge progress towards annual goal.  (Goal shall be established and determined by an evaluation of donor database and history of giving.)
  8. Acknowledge all gifts (cash and in-kind) given to SAFE; as well as other acts of kindness in support of the agency and/or its mission. 
  9. Ensures effective implementation, updates up donations received, and the maintenance of donor/contribution computer system.
  10. Ensure the organization has policies and procedures in place to solicit contributions from multiple sources including corporations, major gifts donors, estate planning, etc.
  11. Working with the Executive Director and Program Directors to write and submit State, Federal, local and Foundation grant applications securing program funding.
  12. Develops, implements and supervises all outreach activities to promote a positive image of SAFE in the community.
  13. Develop budget recommendations for each of the following: Fundraising, Marketing, Community Outreach.
  14. Ensure budget recommendations create an effective but efficient operation of the program area.
  15. Operates Fund Development, Marketing, Community Outreach, within the approved budget.
  16. Coordinates and executes community awareness events, presentations, and other public relations and marketing activities.
  17. Makes presentations, serves on committees as the marketing and community outreach representative of SAFE,
  18. Ensures all newsletters and written production are stated within the SAFE message.
  19. Serves as the official media spoke person on behalf SAFE; including but not limited to, the executive director and board chair.
  20. Works to educate the community about domestic violence and sexual assault issues and solutions.
  21. Trains and supervises others assisting in fund development and community outreach activities.


Other Duties: 

  1. Serves on the Fund Development Committee of the SAFE Board of Directors, and assists other Board Committees as assigned.
  2. Attends full Board of Directors meetings and Board Committee meetings as requested.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required


  1. Bachelor’s degree.
  2. Will minimally be able to provide evidence of a history of a strong integrity and code of ethics.
  3. Four years of successful fundraising experience working with donors and other fundraising activities.
  4. Two years of successful experience with marketing and community outreach.
  5. Strong organizational skills.
  6. Evidence of being a self-starter, and a willingness to take the lead on special projects and events.
  7. Able to work independently as well as in teams.
  8. Planning skills to develop fundraising and outreach opportunities and the ability to execute developed plans.
  9. Interpersonal and oral communication skills to make presentations, support fundraising, and interact effectively with Board of Directors, employees, community members, donors and clients.
  10. Written communication, administrative and computer skills to develop new programs, supervise newsletter production, and oversee donor/contribution software implementation and maintenance.
  11. Operational understanding of the issues of domestic violence and sexual assault. A non-judgmental approach toward people that conveys respect for the individual’s inherent value, and an understanding of the impact of the poverty mindset on clients’ personal challenges.
  12. Ability to work with constant interruptions (visitors, phone calls, changing priorities depending on client flow, etc.). Flexibility and willingness to pitch in and do whatever is needed to serve clients.
  13. Valid driver’s license and current auto insurance.
  14. Agreement with SAFE’s Mission, Philosophy and Core Values.


Working Conditions

  1. Work takes place primarily at the office. Travels to all organizational locations (shelter, retail stores, etc.), as well as Board of Directors and community meeting locations.
  2. Overnight travel may be required for conferences and training opportunities.


The information provided in this document is intended to describe the general nature and level of work expected to be performed by the people assigned to this job. This document is not meant to be an exhaustive list of all duties, responsibilities, skills and working conditions associated with this job.